Shuaiba Port & Shuwaikh Port Projects


  • Ship- to-shore gantry crane (Shuaiba Port)
  • Rubber Tyre Gantry crane (Shuaiba Port)
  • ECH (Shuaiba Port)
  • STS hoist wire rope replacement (Shuaiba Port)
  • RTG hoist wire rope replacement (Shuaiba Port)
  • Troubleshooting for RTG
  • Servicing of Danfoss drive (Shuaiba Port)
  • Hoist wire rope measurement
  • Doosan Ship-to-Shore gantry crane (Shuwaikh Port Kuwait)
  • Hoist wire rope replacement
  • Replacement of hoist output shaft bearing.
  • Preventive maintenance (Shuwaikh Port)
  • Overhauling of RTG Engine

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