Chairman Message

In my capacity as Chairman of Specialities Group Holding Company (KSC Public) and on behalf of fellow members of the Board of Directors, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the Company’s Corporate Profile.

In the course of the Company’s long history of about 50 years, we have achieved a string of tremendous unprecedented accomplishments and developed strong ties with well-known international partners. Today, the Company enjoys the biggest Kuwait’s market share in the field of specialized products and services.

Our main goal is to meet all our clients’ needs and requirements of products and services. You will find that our highly qualified staff is devoted to do their best to provide the best quality products and services.

While it keeps going, the Company still has more goals to reach. Some of which is to expand in GCC countries manufacturing specialized products and materials for different purposes such as oil and construction. Focussing on more real estate activities, we aim at getting a big share of Kuwait’s and GCC’s markets. We also plan to contribute to the development of some strategic projects with the oil sector in terms of well drilling materials and refineries supply and construction materials.

Finally, I would like to stress the Company’s determination to continue the progress and success. In the mean time, quality, credibility and excellence are guaranteed. Because of our experience and devotion, I'm sure that our Company will become a successful regional icon.

The following pages will brief you upon the real volume of the Company, its activities, goals, projects and subsidiaries.

Looking forward to cooperating with each other and sharing the future together.


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